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Autumn Gardening: An Easy To Do List For A Well Maintained Outdoor Space

Find out how to prepare and maintain your outdoor space for garden winter care and spring/ summer garden preparation.

Autumn Gardening: An Easy To Do List For A Well Maintained Outdoor Space

As we move into the colder months there's a lot to get done if you’re a keen gardener. The work doesn’t stop when the sun goes in, sadly. Maintaining your garden well now though, does mean a neat and tidy space to enjoy in the colder months, and a garden that’s in great condition come next season.

To help you ensure your outdoor space is well maintained throughout winter, and healthy for summer, here’s our easy to do list for this time of year:

Dump Your Perennials

A perennial is a plant that is only alive for one season, and then it dies. All your beautiful perennials will now be nothing more than dead leaves, which means they need removing and putting into the compost heap. This clears your garden and prepares the ground for fresh plants next year.


Decluttering benefits both your indoor and outdoor space. Give away, recycle or sell any broken or unused pots and ornaments during autumn to clear space in your garden, helping it look much tidier.

Mulching/ Composting

Now is a great time to add some nutrients to your soil, which has been spent growing lovely plants for you this spring and summer. Dig in compost, and consider using peat-free products if you can, which are much better for the environment.

Give Your Lawn Some Attention

Remove dead leaves from the lawn, as well as any other debris that has blown into the grass as the weather changed. If you can, give the lawn a last trim before the colder months, aerate it and then add nutrients with natural or store-bought liquid fertiliser.

Continue Leaf & Debris Removal Elsewhere

As you remove debris from your lawn, continue to remove it from the paths and paved areas in the garden. This stops it rotting down and making the garden look messy. Do, however, try to avoid removing all leaves and debris as it forms important habitat for animals and insects over the colder months.

Protect Your Furniture

Now is a good time to clean, dry and pack up your summer furniture. If you can, wrap it and stack it so that it is protected from the rain and wind. Even better, if you have inexpensive self storage then place the items into your unit. You may also want to use your low-cost self storage to store items like; outdoor toys, soft furnishings, barbecue systems, outdoor lighting and decoration and gardening tools.


Pruning should be done now to help the shrubs and bushes rejuvenate well come spring. Do be careful to prune correctly as not to accidentally kill the plant, and make sure you do not throw away any diseased leaves or twigs into the compost heap.

Check The Pipes & Guttering

Now is a good time to check the pipes and guttering for any damage, leaf build ups or plant growth. As it rains more and potentially snows or goes into freezing temperatures you don’t want any blockages or splits causing you problems both outside and inside your property. Checking those areas over now means you will avoid any big issues down the line.

By following our to-do list you can ensure your garden is clean, clear and tidy during the colder months. This helps you to enjoy easy maintenance for autumn and winter, and hopefully, a garden ready for growth next spring and summer.

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