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A Guide to Classic and Stylish Traditional English Weddings

Since the beginning of time, weddings have always been one of the most important days in any bride or groom’s life and now, as the country is finally beginning to get back to some variation of normality after the coronavirus pandemic, your wedding day will most likely be the first time your loved ones will be reunited, together again in one place.

Classic and stylish traditional weddings are utterly timeless and here, for your information and pleasure, is a guide to classic and stylish traditional weddings.

Tips for a traditional English wedding

Wedding Reception Décor

The décor of your wedding reception will be the first thing the evening guests see and will set the tone and feel for the entirety of the evening. Whether your wedding reception is located inside or outside, there is nothing more traditional and elegant than natural coloured fairly lights adorning the perimeter. Pastel-coloured bunting chains and vintage looking birdcages on the tables will really bring the traditional feel of your wedding together, as will vintage furniture and tealights nestled inside mismatched, second-hand teacups.

Wedding Transportation

For a truly traditional arrival to your wedding and subsequent reception, consider hiring a traditional and vintage English wedding car from Vintage cars convey a dramatic, magnificent vibe and will set the tone and atmosphere for the entire day and evening. Additionally, such wedding transportation provides a stunning backdrop for unique and aesthetically impressive wedding photographs you will cherish forever.

Wedding Favours and Gifts

To add an element of sentiment and personalisation to your traditional wedding day, why not hand out beautiful bouquets of flowers to the important people who helped make your wedding dream become a reality after the speeches during the meal.

Wedding favours are most appreciated when they are handmade and individualised, rather than bought in bulk from the local supermarket. Some traditional and stunning ideas for wedding favours for your cherished guests sharing your special day with you include:

o Handmade soaps tied with ribbons

o Buttonhole favours

o Homemade jam in adorable jars

o Dried flowers in the same style as the bridal party’s bouquets

o Homemade macaroons or meringues

o Paper popcorn holders personalised with your names and the wedding date

o Sloe gin in ornate mini bottles

o Homemade brownies tied up with ribbon and personalised with paper tags

Traditional Wedding Breakfasts

Your wedding breakfast does not have to be served in the morning and can be quite as easily served in the afternoon after your wedding nuptials. The wedding breakfast is one of the most traditional parts of an English wedding and is thought to originate from the pre-Reformation days, when the wedding service was integrally linked with holy communion.

Nowadays, there is true flexibility to your choice of wedding breakfast, which can consist of anything from a fully planned, three-course sit down meal to uncomplicated yet wholly elegant canapes. You can also hold your wedding speeches after or, indeed, during your traditional wedding breakfast.

Traditional wedding cars

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