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6 Tips for Decorating Older Homes

There’s a common misconception that interior design is all about embracing current and new trends, but it’s just as much about capturing the periodic charm of older homes. If you have an old home stacked with character, but you’re stuck for ways to reinvent the space, make use of these six tips for decorating old homes.

6 Tips for Decorating Older Homes - English Garden & Antiques

Make Use of Stained Glass

Many period homes in the UK feature stained glass windows, which look fantastic and help with matters of privacy. If you’re fortunate enough to be blessed with stained glass in your home, there’s no point taking away from its beauty by painting the walls in busy colours. Therefore, to make the most of it, leave the walls white and see the stained-glass patterns reflected into the room when the sun is out.

Welcome Simplistic Contemporary Furniture

If you want don’t want to pull the focus away from your periodic features, consider bringing in simplistic but contemporary furniture. To avoid having the present clash too much with the past, think of soft colours, clean lines, and rich textures.

Choosing the right furniture for an old home can be tricky, so why not bring in the help of a Richmond interior designer? Timothy James Interiors is one good example, since they specialise in creating bespoke finishes.

Break Odd-Sized Rooms into Zones

Many old homes were tailored to awkward-shaped lots during the design process, which is why you’ll find narrow rectangle rooms that can be challenging to do anything with. If you have a room like this in your period home, the best way to tackle it is by splitting it into zones - squares are always easier to work with. To clearly outline each area, you can use open-backed furniture and prominent rugs.

Expose Vintage Trims with In-Window Blinds

If you’ve got vintage trims around your window, the last thing you want to do is cover it all up by hanging large drapes over it. Therefore, to have your privacy and show off your home’s unique features, consider installing in-window blinds. As well as leaving historical parts of your property exposed, they invite a modern feel to the area.

Install Open Shelves

Open shelving units are a fantastic way to show off the things you’re passionate about including books, collectables, and other bits and pieces. As well as this, the open back of the shelving unit won’t hide away the quirky periodic features of your home, which deserve to be on show.

Painting Your Trims

Unique ceiling, door, and skirting trims are common in older homes, and you’ll want to draw attention to them. Therefore, if everything is in good working order, you can contrast your wall and ceiling paint by using earthy tones for your trims. If the trim is damaged in any way, paint everything in one colour to hide away any markings.

Decorating an old home isn’t always easy, especially when you’re trying to introduce modern elements while still capturing that periodic charm. With the tips outlined above, you’ll have your dream home planned in no time.

Decorating an old home by English Garden & Antiques

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