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5 Ways To Fit The New Houseplant Trend Into Your Home

The houseplant trend is everywhere, and reading this will help you get involved in this gorgeous interior aesthetic.

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The houseplant trend is a gorgeous aesthetic that involves displaying houseplants far beyond the odd dusty money plant in the corner you’ve forgotten you even had.

With this latest trend you can practically have a garden inside, with the tiniest pots holding cute cacti, to huge luscious leaved plants that create a statement for a room.

So you love the idea of living ornaments that literally breathe life into your home but, you’re worried that you can’t fit anything else in? Is your home big enough to support this new trend?

With these 5 tips, you can fit the new houseplant trend into your home regardless of its size:

1. Declutter Those Window Ledges

The window ledges are the perfect place for plants that love a lot of light, like succulents and cacti. Get rid of the dusty old ornaments taking up space and switch them with cacti.

2. The Trailing Trend

One of the best aspects of the houseplant trend is that trailing plants like string of hearts and pothos can utilise space you may not have already used. Weird nooks and crannies, beams that can take hooks and high ledges you always ignored can be perfect spots for hanging plants.

3. The Centrepiece Plant

Large succulents or leafed plants can be a gorgeous centrepiece for the room. The Monstera in particular is making quite the comeback since its last heyday in the 70’s. First, you have to make space to display them. Why not totally declutter your living room and utilise the extra space to make a real-living impact. Although, let’s face it, decluttering is never fun so instead just follow our top tips for a tidy home and you can still free up enough space for that gorgeous living centerpiece.

Potted houseplants

4. Tiny Pots With A Big Impact

For those with very small living spaces, tiny potted houseplants are a great idea. String of turtles, for example, is a gorgeous little plant that is slow growing and looks beautiful, whilst never really getting too big. Slow growing cacti or even a small terrarium with miniature plants could be perfect for the tiny spots you have that are simply crying out for some life.

5. The Perfect Workspace

If you have a home office, a really wonderful way to decorate it is with houseplants. They clean the air, and there’s a lot of evidence to suggest that they improve your mood and even help with productivity. If you currently work from home but don’t have a dedicated workspace, perhaps now is the time to create one.

The tips above have hopefully inspired you to get on board with the beautiful house plant trend. You don’t need to have much space at all, and usually you can create more space by having a good clear out. Soon enough you’ll be living in an indoor green space that truly does bring life into your property.

Do you have any ideas that could also work? If so we would love to hear from you.

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