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5 Tips For A Stress-free Wedding

A wedding should be a day to celebrate and have fun – not a day of stress and worries. Here are several ways in which you can guarantee a stress-free wedding.

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Start planning early

The earlier you start planning your wedding, the more time you have to get everything sorted. Many of the most popular venues and vendors can get booked up far in advance – starting the planning process early can ensure that you don’t miss out. You also may have the option to pay for things in smaller installments – this could make them more affordable and less of a concern.

Consider hiring a wedding planner

If the idea of sorting out vendors stresses you out, you could consider hiring a wedding planner. You can simply tell the planner what you want and they will try to source it all. There are luxury wedding planners that can help you to go big and bold and there are budget wedding planners that can help you to work within a tight budget without sacrificing too many of your dream details. Wedding planners will also be able to coordinate the day and may even be able to find last-minute replacements if vendors drop out due to emergencies.

Practice/rehearse everything

To ensure that everything is right for your wedding day, it’s worth practicing and rehearsing as much of it as you can. Hair and makeup should always be trialed in advance to ensure that you’ve got the right look. You should also try on your dress a couple weeks before the big day to check that it still fits (in case you need to make last minute adjustments) as well as breaking in your shoes. On top of rehearsing the ceremony, you can also rehearse the dinner and even arrange a trial photo-shoot. Not all this rehearsing may be necessary, but if you’re worried about things going wrong on your wedding day, it could help put your mind at ease.

Plan for all weathers

Even if you’re getting married in the height of summer, it’s worth having a rain plan. Stocking up on umbrellas and organizing a backup indoor venue if you’re getting married outdoors could stop you worrying about the rain ruining your look. Stylists may even be able to do things to your hair to keep it in place on a windy day if this is a concern.

Get enough sleep before the wedding

Lack of sleep will make you more prone to stress. Make sure that you’re not staying up until

2 am the night before. Plan to have all last-minute arrangements done by the early afternoon the day before or delegate them to other people so that you can spend the evening before relaxing. It should go without saying, but you should also avoid throwing your hen night the evening before. In fact, any form of boozy activity should be avoided – you don’t want to have to struggle through a hangover on your wedding day.

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