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5 Things NOT to Do When Designing Your Dream Kitchen

Many of us see the kitchen as the hub of the home. Whether it’s whipping up tasty meals, eating together as a family, or making your much-needed morning coffee to get the day started, you’ll want to be in a kitchen that’s fully functional, stylish, and serves every purpose. If you’ve decided to redesign your kitchen, here are five things you should not do along the way.

5 Things NOT to Do When Designing Your Dream Kitchen

Forget Counter Space

When designing your dream kitchen, you need to make the most of every inch of useable space. Unfortunately, many homeowners in the past have made the mistake of not factoring in enough counter space. If you love cooking, you’ll need lots of space to prepare meals and house all your appliances. Also, you should factor in space for washing up, and potentially an area to socialise and eat.

Underestimate Storage

For the chefs of the home, you’ll understand how many utensils and gadgets you’ll need to store in your kitchen. These can range from cutlery, to spice jars, and even spiralisers. There is a fine line between housing everything you need, and overcrowding your kitchen, so you need to allocate a space for every item. If you haven’t got lots of room to work with, there are things you can do to maximise storage space, such as installing hooks to hang mugs or getting a cutting board that fits over your sink.

Neglect Ventilation

When whipping up delicious meals every day, good ventilation is vital in your kitchen. If you’re always behind the hob, this can leave lingering smells which can travel throughout your home. While many of us enjoy the smell of tasty homecooked grub, you may not be so happy when the aromas seep into your bedroom. Make sure you invest in a good ventilation system that can capture impurities, circulate air and, most importantly, keep your kitchen clean and healthy.

Skimp on Lighting

Like with any room in the home, you must get the lighting right for your kitchen. When prepping and cooking food, you need to have excellent lighting to see what you’re doing. While you may want to invest in lighting for aesthetic reasons, you need to think about functional use too. During the day, you’ll want to get plenty of natural light coming into your kitchen too, which can make the space feel welcoming and airy.

Avoid Expert Advice

For those who would like to go down the DIY route of designing their dream kitchen, unless you have the knowledge and expertise, it’s advised to leave it to the experts. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could end up wreaking havoc in your kitchen. Professionals like can guide you through everything related to kitchen design.

Shelling out on a brand-new kitchen will cost time and money. You’ll want your investment to be worthwhile in the long run, especially if you plan to sell in the future. Therefore, avoiding the mistakes above will help you create and design the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

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