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3 ways you can make your small home feel bigger

It’s probably true that everyone wants a bigger home. Even those who want to downsize don’t always want a smaller home, they just want smaller bills or less clutter. But, if you can’t afford to move into the grand mansion of your dreams, you might want to think about changing your home so you can make it feel bigger.

You can do this through many means, such as tactical redecoration to make the rooms feel bigger and the ceilings higher; thinking about what you are going to do with all of your mess; or even making a more permanent change. Here are three ways you might be able to create more space in your home.

Home Decor, How to make your home appear larger

1 Make your conservatory a usable space for the whole year

Being able to create another room’s worth of space by just changing your glass conservatory roof to an insulated tiled conservatory roof is easily achievable. There are many businesses that offer these sorts of services, which can help to make your conservatory as useable in winter as it is in summer, therefore helping you gain some extra room without getting too cold. This is incredibly good news if you live in areas that get very cold in the winter, as you can help keep the heat in and still enjoy the extra space that your conservatory offers.

2 Think about storage options that are practical

Naturally, you could rent out a storage unit that can be miles away from your home, or you could use your loft as some extra junk-storing space. However, this space might run out, or might just be inconvenient or overly expensive, so you might want to think about smart storage options. There are many stylish and handy storage alternatives (such as hidden cupboards) and even using multi-purpose furniture can be creative, offering very useful ways of getting your junk out of the way.

3 Redecorating to help the rooms feel bigger

Using smart redecoration techniques you can make spaces feel so much bigger. Using lighter paint colours is one way to do this, as it can make furniture stand out and make the ceilings feel higher. Through the use of mirrors, you can help natural light bounce around, giving the illusion of a bigger space. You might even decide to change your furniture, as using smaller and narrower furniture can give the impression of a far larger room. Using wall space helps, too.

In conclusion

There are many ways in which you can make your house feel bigger without making any massive renovations. This can be a simple process such as changing the roof on your conservatory to make the space more useable for the whole year; an even simpler option such as looking for alternative and practical storage options that aren’t offsite; or even redecorating your home to make it feel far bigger and spacious instead of actually changing the structure of your home. There are many ways in which you can create more space in your home – or at least make it feel bigger – to help your love for your property grow.

How to make your home look larger

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