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10 of the Best Easter Traditions from Around the World

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Easter is here - how are you going to celebrate it this year? Around the world, there are many different Easter traditions that vary depending on the country. People from all over the globe have many interesting and unique ways to mark this special occasion. Here are ten Easter traditions that you may or may not have heard of.

The Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny bringing gifts to children is probably the most popular tradition for this occasion. Originally, the ‘Easter Hare’ was a judge that decided whether or not children were well-behaved enough to receive sweets and colourful eggs.

Easter Eggs

In the UK, Easter wouldn’t be the same without Easter eggs. These chocolate eggs are sold in every supermarket and are a traditional gift on the Easter weekend.

Egg Tapping

Another fun Easter tradition around the world is egg tapping or egg fighting. The game is played by knocking a hard-boiled egg against your opponent’s egg until one cracks. The player whose egg don't crack then plays another opponent and so on until the last person is left with an intact egg and crowned the winner.

Egg Hunts

Egg hunts are a fun part of Easter for kids, and a tradition the world over. Easter eggs are hidden for children to find and whoever finds the most wins. They could be traditional, painted hard-boiled eggs or chocolate Easter eggs. Kids take a basket outdoors or indoors to go egg hunting.

Egg Rolling

This Easter tradition is big in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the north of England, and it’s all about launching hard-boiled decorated Easter eggs down a hill. Whoever owns the egg that reaches the bottom of the hill first is the winner.


Easter symbolises rebirth and renewal, so it’s no surprise that in some countries, bonfires are traditional for this occasion. In Northwestern Europe, bonfires are lit on Easter Sunday and Monday to celebrate the arrival of the spring season and chase away the winter blues.

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Kite Flying

In Bermuda, Easter is celebrated by flying homemade, colourful kits. They are usually made with coloured tissue paper, wood, metal, string, and long decorative tails. Before kite-flying fun, families usually get together for a feast of codfish cakes and hot cross buns.

Egg Trees

In some parts of the world, Easter has its own tree, just like Christmas. In Germany and Austria, you’re likely to find trees and bushes decorated with colourful eggs on the streets, and the tradition is slowly moving into the home.

Water Sprinkling

In Hungary, Easter Monday is known as Watering Monday. Boys visit girls at their homes to spray perfume on them in return for painted red eggs. Originally, boys took girls to the local well to sprinkle them with water, which was said to have magical powers.

Pot Throwing

On Easter Saturday in Corfu, Greece, people traditionally throw pots and plates out of their windows and smash them on the street. The tradition is said to have originated with the Venetians, who used to throw their old items out on New Year’s Day.

Which of these traditions do you follow at Easter?


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