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How To Meditate In Your Garden In Six Simple Steps

Would you like to take your outdoor space relaxation to the next level? This article will show you how to get there…

How to meditate

Meditation is great for reducing stress levels and giving our brains a little time-out from everything we think about both consciously and subconsciously.

You don’t have to be anywhere special to meditate, you can do it on the bus, in bed, in the bath or on a plane - you can do it anywhere you like. Your garden, though, is a natural base for meditation because of the plants, the wildlife, the fresh air and the ability to disconnect from everyday life, even if it is only a few steps away.

If you would love to get even more zen in your outdoor space, follow these six simple steps to help you meditate in your garden:

1. Prepare The Space Beforehand

Preparing your garden for meditation can be meditative in itself. The idea is to cleanse the space of anything that could negatively impact your relaxation. This could include:

● Decluttering broken and old items

● Removing seasonal furniture and placing it into your unit

● Weeding the space

● Boosting the space with colourful pots from your cheap self storage unit and some vibrant plants

● Cutting back any overgrown bushes

● Mowing the lawn

2. Prepare Yourself

You don’t need to wear anything special to meditate, but it can help to be prepared to meditate in a few different ways. Primarily you have to give yourself the time to meditate, even if it is just ten minutes, dedicating that time to this practise is really important.

In addition, choosing a time when the kids aren’t home or demanding your attention, or when the neighbours tend to be in their garden is a really good shout.

Lastly, wearing comfortable clothes that don’t distract you by being too tight or restricting your movement is helpful.

3. Pick A Spot

Now you have prepared your time for meditation you can pick a spot to suit your needs. It can be a corner of the garden, a spot on the lawn, a hidden section behind a bush - whatever works for you! It can help to have a little blanket or cushion, or maybe you will benefit more from feeling the earth directly beneath you. Do you want to sit, stand or lie down? Experiment and find what works for you.

4. Try Just Noticing

You can utilise apps like Headspace to guide you through meditation. Alternatively, you could just try noticing. Notice your breathing, the sounds you can hear, how the ground feels beneath you. If thoughts creep in, let them creep in and seep back out again. Just keep noticing and you’ll be in a mindful place at least for a short time.

5. Take A Moment When You Are Finished

Once you have finished your session, take a moment to breathe, look around, stretch out and enjoy that moment of peacefulness. Consider setting an intention for the rest of your day, even if that is to be kinder to yourself, or to drink more water.

6. Plan To Do It Again

Now you know how to meditate it is a great idea to plan to do it again. It is only when you practise meditation regularly that you get the real benefits. Even just ten minutes a day gives you that clarity and that break to recharge and face the challenges you face in day to day life.

In six steps you can meditate in your garden and gift yourself some self-care. Remember, you’re worth the effort.

Meditation ideas in the garden

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