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Are You Thinking Of Selling Your House? Here Is The Ultimate Guide To Increase Your Home Curb Appeal

So you want to sell your house? Maybe it's time for a change, or you are moving away. But whatever the reason may be, selling is never easy unless the property has been renovated, updated and made more appealing to potential buyers. After all, who wouldn't want to live in a beautiful home that makes them feel relaxed with an inviting atmosphere?

Thinking Of Selling Your House? Here Is The Ultimate Guide To Increase Your Home Curb Appeal

While many changes can be made on the inside of the house, which most people often consider when trying to sell their homes, sometimes it might be worth looking at what needs changing on the outside.

This usually works better if everything else about the house seems great because updating one single area will not dramatically improve your chances of selling - even though it will still improve the property and overall look of your home.

Here Are Some Of The Top Ways To Increase Your House's Curb Appeal:


If you have a lawn, then neatly cutting and trimming it will make a big difference! Of course, if there is no grass, this doesn't matter as much, but you can still tidy up what is there. Make sure that your garden looks great, too, as many people overlook these parts of their homes as they might feel as though they don't play a big role in selling the house. In actual fact, if done properly with flowers or other plant life that matches well together, then this could be one of the most successful things to upgrade on the outside.

Garage Doors

In this day and age, people want a garage. They may not be a necessity in some parts of the country, but most still appreciate them, so it's important to have them looking good with no chips in the paint, rust or cracked windows. The same can be said for your front door, which should look nice and welcoming as well as secure so that nobody can simply enter by forcing their way into the home.

Make sure that all brickwork is either cleaned or re-painted to make sure that there are no cracks or signs of dampness that might show up once paint begins to peel off. Also, check any gutters to make sure that they are clean and undamaged and see if any roof tiles need replacing or re-fixing.

Exterior Lighting

The winter months mean that it gets dark very early! So make your home look inviting by making sure that the outside is lit up enough to be clearly visible for visitors to see where they should approach the house. This also goes for the steps up to your front door, which should be lit adequately enough so that people can see where to step safely.


Some homes may already come with great looking walls covered in paint or brickwork, but others might not have this luxury, so do consider painting over old or damaged areas. You could even go one step further and add an extra feature to this area by having a mural painted on one of your walls to make it stand out.


Entrance Ways are important to look after as well. If yours is concrete, make sure that it's free from any cracks or damage and that the paving stones or other decorative elements are all neatly laid out together. This means that if you have bricks, they need to be cleaned without any cracked ones, which could potentially fall off whilst people are walking over them. Either way, ensure that the driveway looks smart!

Some of these will require spending money, but others can be done at no cost depending on how much work you want to put into them! No matter what, though, keep in mind what potential home buyers would like so that you can immediately increase your house's curb appeal.

If you need to sell at short notice, then,

Here Are Some Tips On How To Get Your Home Ready To Go Onto The Property Market:

Ensure that there are no holes in the wall, cracks in the floor or stains on the kitchen appliances. If there are, get them fixed/cleaned before putting up any adverts of sale online or otherwise! Also, keep things tidy and clean with vacuuming regularly, especially if pets live in your house.

Get rid of any clutter around the home so that it looks spacious and less cluttered. Nobody wants to have to wade through piles of rubbish just to see what they might want out of a property which is why without making any major changes to the property – make sure that it is almost totally clear of all non-decorative items.

Selling your property, renovating your property.

Finally, try to spruce up the outside as much as you can with a coat of paint or brickwork and repair any damage around your home. This will be one of the first things that people look at when they come to view your house, so it's important to keep those presentation levels high no matter what!

If you have a limited budget, you could also buy cheap bits and pieces from local shops. For example, around £30 should easily get you a set of pots along with some flowers for planting. You can also pick up a cheap lawn mower from various places if you don't have one already, so it's worth looking around to see what you might be able to find.


These can be pretty expensive, but that doesn't mean that you should disregard them entirely. If it is within the realm of possibility, then try and get some quotes from builders in order to see which ones are going to offer the best value for money when it comes to building a decking area at your home, which will give extra outdoor space for people to sit and relax whilst enjoying the surrounding view.

Gutters And Soffits

It's really easy to neglect areas such as these, but they can totally change the look of a house if done correctly. From replacing old, broken items to updating an older style image that you might have until this point, just ensure that you choose something that works right for your home and shows off what you should be able to afford!

Finally, if it's within the realm of possibility, then trying to get a new front door fitted at your property is one way of adding value or making it more appealing, depending on how much work you feel like doing!

By removing the door from the frame and taking it elsewhere (such as a metal workshop) where you will then be able to paint it a different colour or fit with a new glass panel so as people walk up the garden path, they know that your house is for sale for a reason!

If you have already had work done on your exterior and just want something simple that doesn't cost too much, try and plant some flowers along the front of your property. This would help you to "paint" an image of what it might look like if someone were to buy your home!

Also, from daisies to roses, planting something nice at the front is pretty much guaranteed to increase the chances that people are going to stop outside your house by giving them a reason too!

Finally, remember that this is only meant as a brief guide rather than an actual "how-to". The idea here is merely for you to show off what you think makes up a good exterior for properties that are being sold, so make sure that you share any other ideas which you have found work well with others in order to get their thoughts on whether or not you should go ahead with it or whether or not they have any better ideas of their own!

Ideas on how to sell your property quicker

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