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5 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Instantly Stand Out From The Rest

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Let’s be honest! Most of us would love to create a stunning bathroom, that's a fact. We are, at the end of the day talking about the room in your home where you just want to be chill out and relax. This is why it is very important that you put some thought into the overall design of your room. You simply cannot just opt for a few random items and expect your bathroom to come to life.

If you now at a stage to be thinking about renovating or updating your bathroom, your decisions need to go beyond what flooring you choose. Some of the tips below will certainly help you out in creating a great space.

Create A Strong First Impression

Using beautiful materials such as limestone and marble can certainly create the look of today, if your budget allows. However, such materials are very high maintenance. You can easily go for ceramic tiles as an alternative. They are more affordable and today's modern digital printing techniques allow manufacturers to replicate such materials. Use just one color on your floor and wall for an elegant appearance or you could just go wild and combine colors in geometric designs.

Add A Mural

Murals are a popular choice and are now very on trend. They are great in smaller rooms, so could be perfect for the smaller bathroom. You can buy these in printed panels or purchase as a wallpaper. To make a statement they can be used on one wall, away of course from the shower area. There are many alternatives available and tailored murals can make your bathroom incredibly stunning.

Don’t Forget About Lights

If there is enough space available, adding a statement chandelier is a great idea since it can instantly add some glamour to a classic interior design. You can combine this with a 1940's freestanding bath and then perhaps some extra wall lighting to finish the look.

Just a quick point to remember, when choosing any lighting for a bathroom, ensure that it meets the safety standards required. This is extremely important as there are various elements that could cause you future issues. When designing your bathroom, perhaps have a word with an electrician to plan out the various options that are available to you. This can save you time and money in the long run.

Focus On Comfort

Spruce up your bathroom

The ultimate glam item would certainly be an armchair of some description. If you have the space, just go for it! This will certainly give the wow factor and be a talking point of your home. What a sanctuary!! Another good idea is to create an area where you can store plenty of towels. Not only does this look appealing, but also extremely practical. Condensation can obviously be an issue in bathrooms, so bear this in mind when planning to incorporate any other types of fabrics into your design.

Choose Practical Mirrors

Mirrors are an important feature to any bathroom. Make sure when choosing one, that it is suited for bathrooms. So many times I have seen even the more more expensive ones go rusty due to the humidity created in bathrooms. Make sure they are stainless steel or another material that will not perish over time. Adjustable mirrors are also a handy option to have as an extra.

On the whole, creating a beautiful bathroom is all about the mix between style, practicality and elegance. This sometimes is not easy to do for everyone, but there are countless options available on the market that will help you on your way. Just make sure you do plenty of planning and research before you commit to purchasing anything that you might regret.

Happy designing guys!

'This is a collaborative post and the author's views do not necessarily reflect those of our blog. We may receive monetary compensation for our endorsement and or recommendations'.


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